Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Bible Down Under: new release!

From convicts to Anzacs, Aboriginal activists to writers and artists, all kinds of Australians have made use of the Bible. In debating it, rejecting it, reinterpreting it and even believing it they have made the Bible part of the fabric of Australian culture and society .
This book sketches the often surprising story of the Bible and its influence in Australia - not the usual fare in high school history classes! It suggests the relevance of the Bible to so much of what young Australians care about - from the environment to indigenous reconciliation to creative expression.
There's a much longer book in the pipeline (look out for it next year), but this short work is for students, their teachers and anyone else who is curious now.
Published in Australia by the Bible Society, you can pre-order The Bible Down Under here now.
A digital edition will soon be available in the US and internationally via the Bible Literacy Project.

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Stephen Garner said...

Cool. I’ll forward this on to our library to get a copy.