Wednesday, November 28, 2012

'Faith in Action' published!

The advance copies have arrived!  
Five years in the making, my first big book is a commissioned history of one of Australia’s top forty charities. Little known but larger than the Brotherhood of St Lawrence, the Smith Family, the RSPCA and Lifeline, HammondCare has an eighty-year history spanning from the early 1930s to the present. And what a history it is!
  • Maverick Archdeacon Robert Hammond, Minister of St Barnabas’ Broadway, established Hammond’s Pioneer Homes during the depths of the Great Depression to provide affordable homes for struggling families. By 1940 Hammondville, on the outskirts of Sydney, had 110 homes, a school, general store, post office and church, and was a nationally recognised model for small-scale land settlement.
  • In the early 1950s, the organisation established the Hammondville Homes for Senior Citizens, one of Australia’s first integrated facilities for disadvantaged elderly people.
  • Today, HammondCare serves a wide range of people with complex health and aged-care needs, through dementia and aged-care services, palliative care, rehabilitation, and mental health programs. Unapologetically Christian and fiercely independent, HammondCare is one of Australia's leading faith-based organisations.
'Faith in Action' contextualises HammondCare's development amid the changing contribution of charities and governments to the ‘mixed economy’ of welfare, and relates its services to changing understandings of poverty, age, religion and home. It interprets and explains the particular religous character of the organisation, and argues that a robust, independent and appropriately regulated charitable sector is of enduring importance to the wellbeing of Australia.
Copies will be availble from HammondCare from mid December, and from the publisher, UNSW Press, from 1 February 2013.


Anonymous said...

Hi Meredith, I was enjoying reading about your fascinating book in the Sydney morning herald and then it gradually dawned on me that you may be the Meredith Lake I knew from Asquith Girls High School. Either way, congratulations on a great achievement, but I would love to put something in our newsletter if it is the Double Bass playing Meredithi once knew! Could you possibly contact me at AGHS on 94776411 or via email at sometime?
Regards, Vanessa Wade

Rory O'Malley said...

Congratulations on the book, Meredith. It looks interesting and I may well buy a copy. I've been browsing to see what's happened to various people from USYD PhD school and came across your blog. Very switched on of you to get segments on Quentin Dempster, &tc. Have written a book myself on the shearers but marketing it is a nightmare! I'm living in Dunedin, NZ now. Would be great to hear from you. Email is Cheers, Rory O'Malley